Prisoners of the Dark Knight

Break and Escape

Prisoners of the Dark Knight

636 Great South Road, Ellerslie

Room Story

Once upon a time, deep in the Atlantic Ocean, there was a glorious Atlantis empire which was under the rule of a fierce and unbeatable Dark Knight. Legend has it that the Dark Knight was the son of an evil god of the black mountain and the goddess of songs. His blood flowed with the elixir of immortality. One day he caught two mermaids and dripped his blood on them. One mermaid grew old and ugly rapidly and was later turned into a lamp for the lighting of the whole castle. The other gained eternal youth and beauty and was imprisoned by the Dark Knight to sing and dance for him. The beautiful mermaid lost her freedom, and the sorrow in her songs echoed out from the castle. A team of warriors has decided to ascertain the truth of the legend, will they succeed? Or will they become additional lamps for the Dark Knight’s castle?

# Players:
3 - 10
Time (minutes):
Min. Age:
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