Temple Escape: the Curse of the Pharaoh

Break and Escape

Temple Escape: the Curse of the Pharaoh

636 Great South Road, Ellerslie

Room Story

In ancient Egypt, people believed that their souls would gain immortality in another world after leaving the body. In order to resurrect and to regain the power of ruling his people, the Pharaoh would take his heart from his body and place it into a “soul container”. He would come back to life by virtue of divine power as long as the container stayed complete and remains intact! A group of archaeologists and explorers retreated into an ancient temple in order to avoid a sand storm in the desert outside. They stumbled upon the door to the grave of the Pharaoh. Words engraved on the door read, “If somebody opens the door of the Pharaoh’s tomb, then the Pharaoh’s curse will befall on him”. Curiosity has driven them to open the gate but to their surprise they found the old Nakanaton family were guarding the Pharaoh’s soul. A brutal battle is about to begin, can they escape from the temple alive?

# Players:
3 - 12
Time (minutes):
Min. Age:
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